"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I could not say any other way - things I had no words for" Georgia O'Keefe 1938



Licensing Information

When Florian Lawton died on January 11, 2011 he left a complicated inventory of art work. His wishes dictated that his art, with the exception of legacies to family members, should be used to create a Foundation dedicated to the education of other artists, curators and administrators on America's rich cultural heritage in the visual and fine arts. Cooperative exhibitions, loans and permanent placement of Lawton's work in museums nationwide and the ongoing preservation and restoration of work's in the Foundations care - compliment these efforts.

The Foundations has used it's ownership of the copyright to Lawton images to craft creative and responsible licensing policies that are friendly to educators, scholars and galleries, while being profitable to the Foundation when the images are used for commercial purposes. Revenues from licensing agreements add significantly to those earned from the sale of work from the Foundations remaining art collection. The Foundations programs and initiatives continue to evolve and expand to address the educational needs in a rapidly changing America.

Rights and Reproduction

The Foundation distinguishes between non-commercial and commercial usage. If you are interested in using Lawton imagery in an advertisement or for other commercial purposes such as licensing merchandise please email your request to: [email protected]

In an effort to encourage scholarship to make use of Lawton images, the Foundation charges only nominal fees to those wishing to reporduce his art for educational and creative purposes. If you wish to use work in a newspaper, periodical, book or research paper - contact: Artist Right's Society at 212.420.9160[phone] 212.420.9286[fax] or www.arsny.com

The Foundation rigorously protects itself against unauthorized uses of it's copyrights or trademarks. Through outside counsel and in conjuction with the Artist Rights Society and it's sister societies, it aggressively pursues and takes appropriate action against ALL unlawful use of it's intellectual property. The Foundation is committed to making Lawton's work accessible to audiences and critics around the world and to encourage new scholarship.