"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I could not say any other way - things I had no words for" Georgia O'Keefe 1938



Florian K Lawton, biography.

Overview of Florian K. Lawton

Florian K. Lawton's remarkable talent was evident at an early age and developed rapidly. He studied the watercolor medium while overseas in Asia with the armed forces, continued his art education at the Cleveland Institute of Art and the John Huntington Institute. As his style emerged, he taught at the Cooper School of Art, Cleveland Institute of Art and led private workshops throughout the United States and Europe. Most notable of Florian's work are his pieces where he was able to clearly capture life in Amish America.

What Other's Say about Florian

Clyde J. Singer, former Associate Director at the Butler Institute of American Art had this to say about Florian K. Lawton:

Florian K. Lawton looks at the world at large with a glint in his eye and what he sees must look might good to him. His subjects are usually the basis of an artistic commentary on the "American Scene," a term once mentioned to Edward Hopper in a questionable way when he visited Youngstown in the 1950's and his tart reply was "what's wrong with that!" In these later times of so much crudity and meaningless minimalism prominent in the "new art," Lawton stands tall as a technically accomplished artist, and to repeat Hopper's words, "what's wrong with that!"